So you think you can sing?

Divine Voices Gospel Choir Mission Statement:

Foundated on a superior high level of musical performance and rooted in the principles of the Christian Brothers University Compass, the Divine Voices Gospel Choir seeks to provide opportunities for learning and service through the discipline of singing. In an atmosphere which encourages continued personal and professional musical growth, high musical standards, and positive leadership qualities, The Divine Voices Gospel Choir continuously strive to be productive student leaders on campus and in surrounding communities.

Cedrick Turner, Choral Director

Join Divine Voices Gospel Choir

While earning your college degree, lend your talents to this renown ensemble where you will learn how to:

◾Breathe properly while exercising vocal control;

◾Vocal Conditioning techniques;

◾Enjoy performing various Gospel music.

Divine Voices Gospel Choir 2019-2020 Choral Camp Application Process:

  • Complete the Admissions process for Christian Brothers University 2019-2020 Academic Year
  • Complete Online/Paper DVGC Membership Profile Application.
  • Complete Part 1 and 2 DVGC Questionaire
  • Upload Copy of Class Schedule
  • Send Written Notice of any other club affiliations or outside activities.
  • Sign-Up for Choral Auditions and Camp

Contact Cedrick Turner at [email protected] to register for camp or to answer any questions you may have. Please make sure in e-mail to include the following:

  • Include Full Name
  • Voice Part
  • High School Name & Director
  • T-Shirt Size