2018 Voices United Music Conference

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Performance Technique

Starts April 16, 2018

This course will take you step by step through the skills that you and you and your choir need to create fantastic performances spaces, planning formations, behavior on stage, receiving applause, and mistakes and problems. To sign up for this course, please click here....

Humility In Our Society Today

Starts April 16, 2018

Do you believe that humility is important when using your gifts? Is there a time and place to be humble? Come and discuss this in this course and give your take on this matter. To sign up for this course, please click here....


Starts April 16, 2018

Learn how to manage, balance, and devote your time if you are employed, participant in more than one campus organization at your school, while also singing in choir. To sign up for this course, please click here....

Song-Writing in Gospel Music

Starts April 16, 2018

Learn self-expression and creativity through lyric and melody. Song structure and the principles of lyric writing are explored, using free-writing, brainstorming and free association to stimulate the creative mind. Participants will also learn old and new gospel music, identify themes and develop listening skills. To sign up for this course, please click here....

Vocal Conditioning Techniques

Starts April 16, 2018

Participants in this course will practice posture and breathing positions, crescendos, hymns, and warm-ups, in depth. You will also analyze samples of sheet music in this course and learn of the different music symbols and their definitions. To sign up for this course, please click here....